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Glytja Doll
Glytja Doll

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I am Glytja. I was born in Wisconsin. My horse parents are from Iceland. Iím The Boss. Iím in charge of my herd and itís my responsibility to keep everyone safe. If anyone gets out of line on my farm, I will correct them. Some people call me ďbossyĒ, but I call it responsible. Iím the Girl Scout in our herd always looking for potential danger. If I see anything weird, then I call for my brother Soti. I was the first horse in our family. Iím really smart and a natural leader, so I make the rules for the other horses to follow.

The Bossy Girl Scout. I watch everyone and everything. My job is to protect my herd and I take my job very seriously. I always know whatís best. The herd trusts my opinions. Iím the heart of the farm.

Donít be fooled by my pretty flaxen mane. Iím a powerful mare with a big heart. In Iceland, the oldest mare is responsible for the herd and I take my job seriously.

My favorite season is winter. Icelandic horses are made for really cold weather. So bring on the snow!

I can read people really well. If someone approaches me, I can tell if they are angry, sad, or happy. If they are sad, then I will try my best to cheer them up. If they are angry, then I run away.

Iím also an athlete. I know how to do crunches, squats, and rear-o-etts. I love playing kickball.

Iím almost always smiling because Iím happy, but you will know when Iím unhappy. I know how to communicate my feelings and express myself.

I'm hand knitted from wool yarn!

The white doll is Hermie--he is available here at Tolt Tack too!

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