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Icelandic Bit, Short Shank by Eques Stangbid Frami Bit Long Arm Stangbid Frami Bit Short Arm
Fager Icelandic horse bit titanium Tolt Hrímnir Titanium Bit Dimma Double-jointed Eggbutt, Vals Icelandic Stengir with Copper
Stübben Double-Jointed Golden Wings Icelandic horse Tolt stainless steal bits Hrímnir Volcano Double-Jointed Curved Sidebars
Hrímnir Volcano Double-Jointed Ported Sidebars Hrímnir Volcano Single-Jointed Snaffle Bit Vals Double-Jointed Brass
Vals Double-Jointed Stainless Steel Icelandic Horse Bit Double Broken Snaffle Eggbutt Vals Single-Jointed Stainless Steel
Karlslund Double-Jointed Sweet Iron Karlslund Double-Jointed Copper Icelandic horse Tolt scarf
Fager Scarf Navy
Price: $10.00
Fager Bit Guard Rolled Leather Lip Strap VALS Bit Guards
Fager Bit Guard
Price: $10.00
VALS Bit Guards
Price: $7.00