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Our Price: $2,750.00
Our Price: $750.00
Made specifically for the Icelandic Horse.
This saddle was created for ToltTack by the famous artisans at Ruiz Diaz in Argentina who also make the Hrimnir.
We use the same high quality leather, tree and padding which will provide many years of riding pleasure and comfort.
Our soft Argentinian leather surrounds the unique Dupont (registered) saddletree which distributes your weight evenly over the horse's back. The saddle has Bayflex (registered) padding in the seat for comfort and to insure it keeps it's shape.

The saddle has a 17.5 seat with the option of a Medium or a Wide tree.

You won't find a saddle made just for your Icelandic of this quality and at this price anywhere!
To help you make sure that saddle fits, is offering Saddle Trials. 

How does it work? 

We'll help you select the saddle you want to try - you pay shipping and a security deposit of $750. You can try the saddle for 10 days (from date of reciept) without obligation. 

If the saddle is a "keeper", we'll charge the balance. 

If the saddle didn't work, send it back to us (insure it please) in "as received" condition and we'll refund your $750. 

Your only risk is the shipping!!
Our Price: $750.00
Our Price: $650.00
Used Piet Hoyos Icelandic Saddle in very good condition!

Supports the rider in all 5 gaits

Other Features:
2 D-Rings at both sides on the back and one on both sides in the front
Crouper Ring in the back
Seat Size: 17.5
Tree Size: 34
Used Icelandic Horse Saddle made of finest black leather in almost new condition featuring
- 1 D-Ring in the Front on each side
- 2 D-Rings in the Back on each side
- 3 Short Billets for a long girth
- Ribb-seat for advanced comfort
- Ergonomically shaped knee-rolls for a good seat
- Medium saddle tree, fitting most Icelandics
Our Price: $650.00
Our Price: $25.00
The ToltTack Icelandic Horse Saddle is well balanced and ideal for the varied paces of the Icelandic Horse.

Features include:
Soft Suede knee inserts for extra grip and comfort
Uniquely positioned stirrup bars for balance in every gait
Fully adjustable knee rolls enable the rider to tailor his own knee support
Dee rings allow attachments for long distance rides
Crupper Dee
Easy Care durable synthetic - no oiling or waxing required, just wipe off any dirt with water!
Weatherproof and durable
Easy-change gullet system provides custom fit for many different horses (Three sizes available)
Size: 17.5

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